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At The Hall Closet, we offer affordable graphic design and merchandising for small businesses that do not have million-dollar marketing budgets. We started the company with the philosophy that if you are searching for something and can’t find it, create it yourself. In this practice, we also connected with individual customers who were looking for personal touches in an automated world.

The HC’s branding and merchandising solutions provide businesses with the marketing innovations they need to transform their image, using personalized products that promote their label. We also cater to independently creative individuals looking for human connections that seem to have disappeared with the expansion of internet sales. We are constantly adapting our User Interface to bring our clientele a new services’ shopping experience that eases their minds as much as their wallets.

Our connections to our clientele, where “no project is too big or too small” mindset The HC and Accufab INC set themselves apart from other  brand merchandise production companies. 

Please work with us to be on the cutting edge where graphic design services and brand product creation meet truly customized eCommerce.

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We are a graphic design custom services company providing brand merchandise for small businesses and individual customers. We believe in pricing transparency, a variety of products and customization tools, an uncomplicated ordering process, and customer satisfaction. Unlike other merchandising outlets, The Hall Closet does not have a minimum purchase amount. 

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If you can think of it, we can help you make it.