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Imagine the steps taken when ordering a Pizza: You have an idea in mind before building your ideal pie.

Select your toppings- One of our stock designs, or custom request and add it to your cart.

Select your crust- Choose from our variety of Shirts, Gifts, and other apparel… add that to the cart.

This tells us which design you would like on which product. If you have special instructions or concerns, please leave us a note on your checkout page.

The Hall Closet Custom Design Shelves

100% of the cost of these designs will be donated to the Denver Cycle Sluts’ monthly charitable
Quotes, Books, Author Promotions, Original Graphic Artwork.
Do you have a design that you would like to make your own? Personalized, just for you.
Sports, Hobbies, and Humor.
Humor- the geekier, the snarkier the better.
Humor for Everyone - No matter which generation is your favorite.
New Holiday Designs, and some old favorites.
Just a bit on the inappropriate side ... Well, maybe more than a bit.

Shirt Selection

Stock Designs

We offer original stock designs, as well as helping you create your own customized graphic designs.

Shirt Variety

We have a selection of shirt styles and colors to choose from. If you do not find what you're looking for, drop us a note.

What to Expect

We use a type of printing called sublimation. The high heat press on specialized ink, transforms the fabric and dyes the shirt; thus, creating a lightweight image, unlike silkscreen. Due to this process, printing must take place on lighter colored fabrics.

Meet your team

creative consultants
    Elyse Draper

    14 years of journalism, published illustrations, and marketing at your service

    Elyse Draper
    Owner, Director, Developer and Designer
    Steve Hawkins

    30 years of t-shirt design and creation, graphic design and consultant.

    Steve Hawkins
    Owner, Director, Graphic Designer and T-shirt Guru

Our advantages

Ideas and concepts

Original designs, and flexible designers at amazing prices.

Designs & interfaces

Buy directly from our site, or contact us for one on one meetings.

Highly customizable

We are open to modifications, flexible to meet your needs.

Easy to use

Unique shopping experience that allows you to easily create your own customized products ... with our help.
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