Bobby Dickey Fine Art and Photography Custom Vinyl Decals

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Long lasting and durable, this permanent vinyl is made to handle outdoor use.

Color: White



About Bobby

First of all Hello,

I am happy you stopped in to visit.
A little about me, I was born and raised down south in the Sportsmans Paradise of Louisiana. I lived within one hour of five very large lakes and abundant forest. My father taught me the value of the wilderness and the great outdoors, and how to take care of the forest and lakes that we used.
My mother was a photographer so I got the love of capturing mother nature with my camera at a very early age and took it to the outdoors with my dad.

I took captures of everything but being in the outdoors most of my captures were of landscapes and wild animals. I was introduced to taking personal portraits for clients by working with my good friend and brother-in-law in his studio and on outdoor photo shoots. He was a fantastic photographer and a great teacher, I learned a tremendous amount in the years I worked with him.

I moved to the great Rocky Mountains of Colorado in 2001. I try to capture everything I see with my camera and bring what I see through my lens to everyone I possibly can. My goal is to bring happiness and a smile to the face of everyone that sees it. I believe if I can help someone in their home or office to relax and put you in another place when you look at my captures I have done what I set out to do.

I am also a Martial Arts Instructor and have been for the past 30 years in the art of Kajukenbo and Aiki-jujitsu and the owner of Flying Leopard Martial Arts.  We all have something to teach others, what we choose to teach is up to each one of us. I teach those in need to defend themselves against those that may cause harm to them or their family.

Thank you for stopping in and I hope you find what you are looking for if I can help please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help.

Bobby Dickey

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Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 1 in
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