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We Can Help You Create Original Products

With our background in creative design and marketing,  we can help you create original logos and/or reproductions of your existing promotional tools delivered on new platforms. No project is too small; whether you need new promotional swag, a jersey for your team, or just that graphic T-shirt you’ve been dreaming about, we are here to help.

Have an item in mind to carry your brand? We can help you create you’re own professional merchandise. 

What Can You Expect?

Take a peek inside our Hall Closet, where all the skeletons want to hang out.

Original Illustrations


Original Graphic Design

Capture Your Brand

custom graphic design

Expert Typography

free mockups

We Will Work With You

To Bring Your Ideas to Life


For any inquiries please email




Most frequent questions and answers

Yes: You always have a voice; This is your project. We will work through mock-ups, until you are pleased with the final product. 

Yes: We will only retain your original pictures for reference on your personal future projects. You can request for us to delete your information at any time.

No: You can purchase your original design in its entirety, and we will not reproduce the likeness of the original design for anyone else. *Exception: The Hall Closet Custom Shirtworks Stock Designs, we will retain our ownership and rights.

Yes:  However, We will retain intellectual property rights; which includes – all designs must be reproduced with The Hall Closet Custom Shirtworks tagline.  

Meet your team

creative consultants
    Elyse Draper

    14 years of journalism, published illustrations, and marketing at your service

    Elyse Draper
    Owner, Director, Developer and Designer
    Steve Hawkins

    30 years of t-shirt design and creation, graphic design and consultant.

    Steve Hawkins
    Owner, Director, Graphic Designer and T-shirt Guru

Our advantages

Ideas and concepts

Original designs, and flexible designers at amazing prices.

Designs & interfaces

Buy directly from our site, or contact us for one on one meetings.

Highly customizable

We are open to modifications, flexible to meet your needs.

Easy to use

Unique shopping experience that allows you to easily create your own customized products ... with our help.
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