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2020, the year of the meme

We Just Want Your Smile
We Just Want Your Smile
We Just Want Your Smile

Why would a retail site share so many memes, without attaching products, or overwhelming you with ads?

After this past year, we know that your smile alone is valuable, and precious. 

The Hall Closet was built around the idea that individuals and small businesses deserve the opportunity to develop their brand for a reasonable price. Since 2019, we have loved sculpting your ideas into merchandise, brainstorming one of a kind logos, and creating unique apparel. You have sorted through our design shelves, and shared our delight at the silliness of our stock artwork and quotes. Then we entered the pandemic, quarantine, economic upheaval, and general uncertainty about the future. As a result, we focused our talents on providing assistance to local small businesses, and decided to limit our marketing, to not force ads on people who had much more important things to focus on. Thus the funny memes on all of our social media sites became the face of our company. 

We just wanted to share a smile, possibly even a snicker… what we found in return surprised us. Weary consumers, tired of the constant  onslaught of advertisements, started coming to us, just to smile for a moment, at no cost. Then you started to bring us your bits of funny, and wanted to find out how to save that giggle on something more tangible than your Facebook profile. Thank you for sharing, it has been wonderful laughing with you.

Thanks to your support, ideas, and requests, we can now offer crazy  apparel, organic bath salts and bath party rocks,  custom massage candles, and original artwork flour sack towels, all made with your favorite giggles, sarcastic messages, or heartfelt wishes.