Businesses helping Businesses, A stimulus proposal to help our local favorite haunts

A Small Business Response to the Covid 19 Crisis-

Part Two

Who are we, and how can we help-

The Hall Closet Custom Shirtworks LLC, specializes in supplying custom graphic design and branding services, a large selection of stock original designs, as well as promotional products from clothing to candles. We focus on providing professional corporate design, marketing, and merchandising to clients who are self-employed, running a startup, and/or small businesses with limited budgets.

The H.C. Custom Shirtworks would like to offer a stimulus proposal to our local businesses, to possibly help with the strain of Covid 19’s effect on our economy; especially felt by our food service industry. We are offering at cost merchandise, apparel printing services for free, and even graphic design/branding services at an extreme discount- as a potential resale boost for your employees. Why? As an internet company, thus not as profoundly affected by the virus, we are able to help, for now. Arvada has experienced a rebirth over the years, because of Olde Town becoming a thriving destination for amazing food, drink, and atmosphere… We don’t want to lose that; we don’t want to lose you.


Interactive Stimulus Proposal for Local Foodservice Small Businesses

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